Please help victims of domestic violence and their pets!

Dear family, friends and colleagues,

Your help is urgently needed! Do you have 30 minutes or $5 to spare to help victims of domestic violence and their beloved pets?

This is a non-profit organization I co-founded several years ago to try and address an urgent, unmet need of domestic violence victims and their pets.

Please read the brief information below and, if you can, volunteer or donate, even the smallest amount helps. Thank you!! <3

25-40% of battered women won’t escape abusive situations in fear of leaving their pet behind

Most women’s shelters do not accept pets, leaving victims in a difficult position. Shelter Our Pets is an all-volunteer non-profit that finds foster homes for pets of domestic violence victims, giving them the opportunity to flee their abusive situation while also securing the safety of their pet. YOU can help give the victims of domestic violence a chance to rebuild their lives.

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Get involved in protecting your community.

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Every donation helps keep families safe.
See what clients are saying about Shelter Our Pets…

“My unfortunate situation was more than grueling and it was very endearing to know that my pets were being cared for by people as passionate for pets as I am.”

“Thank you for keeping my pet safe. Thank you for caring and thank you for existing.”

“I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your endless giving, compassion and support during the most difficult season of our lives.”

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Thank you for your help!

Laura & Jordan

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